Golden and Noble Works

“A wife too should regard her duties in the same light, as she suckles the child, rocks and bathes it, and cares for it in other ways; and as she busies herself with other duties and renders help and obedience to her husband. These are truly golden and noble works."
Martin Luther

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Request for Prayer from BethAnn

BethAnn writes:

Dear fellow PW's~

Please pray hard for me. I haven't been this anxious since January. I can not give details. But pray that I can support my husband the correct way. Help me not try to fix the situation. Pray that I don't flight or flee, but support, love, and honor. I can't sleep. I need to sleep to be able to take care of my precious little ones. I have prayed myself, too. I will continue to pray and be in the in His Word as well.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Storing A Bountiful Harvest - From Kathy F.

Kathy F. writes:

God has truly blessed us this fall with a bountiful harvest (although much of my bounty didn't come from anything I did....most were a gift from gracious church members and friends).

So what am I to do with all of this goodness?  Save it for canning it....

So that is what I did...
To date, I can canned 16 quarts of pears

32 pints of apple butter (can you say "Christmas Gifts"),  12 quarts of apple juice 18 quarts of apple pie (one of my favorites).

13 pints of salsa, 21 pints and 2 quarts of tomato sauce, 5 pints of pizza sauce,  55 quarts of grape juice (from my husband's vines) and that is just on my shelf, I also froze 15 quarts of peaches (those came from my tree), 24 quarts of freezer pickles and 53 quarts of corn.

We also helped butcher nearly 80 chickens with friends over Labor Day (and we kept our freezer is stocked too).
I think we should be set for winter, right? 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stayin' Alive With Kristi

Okay ladies, I sat on this long enough and just couldn't keep it from you any longer!

Who knew our very own Kristi was so talented!? Check this out:

*Watch the Dancing Queen in the left hand corner and be AMAZED! (Oh and please ignore Pastor K. sneaking off to hide, though he has no reason to be embarrassed by his skillz either!!)

I'm thinking our next EVE Getaway could really use a "Get Your Groove On Workshop".

Friday, July 12, 2013

FREE Church Worker Cottage Retreats - Camp Luther Wisconsin

BethAnn writes:

I just wanted to let all of you know about this great family opportunity.....that Camp Luther of Three Lakes, WI gives to full-time church workers.

This is directly from the camp's

Just for Church Workers
Camp Luther is blessed to be able to offer the following to professional church workers.
FREE Church Worker Cottage Retreats
As part of efforts to support healthy church workers, healthy church worker marriages and families, Camp Luther offers FREE cottage retreats to professional church workers and their family.  Here are the details:
·         A maximum of two cottage retreats per week will be offered during our Retreat Season weeks after Labor Day Weekend to before Memorial Day Weekend.
·         Cottages are available from Monday afternoon through Thursday evening.  Maximum two consecutive nights.  
·         There is no cost; however, guests are welcome to make a donation to camp to cover cleaning and utility expenses.
·         All regular rental policies apply.
·         Intended for full-time church worker and immediate family only.
·         Maximum of one use per retreat season. (Sept-May)
·         Not valid during Christmas –New Year's week.  
·         No program or meals are offered.
·         Not to be used in conjuction with another program or event.
·         For weekends or longer stays, half price discount still applies.

We hope you enjoy your cottage and use this opportunity to rest and rejuvenate with your spouse and family at Camp Luther.
Reduced Rate Cottage Rentals
Cottages available to professional church workers at 50% of our regular rate. 
·         Available after Labor Day Weekend and before Memorial Day Weekend.
·         Not to be used in conjuction with another camp program or event.
·         A credit card or one night's rate is required to hold the reservation.
·         All regular rental policies apply.
Free Program Participation
Professional church workers may attend adult retreats at no cost when they particpate with a group from their congregation.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Emily O. writes:

Life is funny. That phrase, of course, can mean all sorts of things. Life is humorous, life is weirdly insightful, life is downright strange. Sometimes it's all of the above. And pastors' wives often see all of the above in our interactions with church family. 

Take tonight. My dear husband had a wedding rehearsal in which many, many small children were present. Near the end, he noticed that one very tired, very upset little girl was playing in the chancel. Several adults sat a few feet away, watching her but doing nothing to stop her antics. Suddenly, she leaned on the crucifix which stood on its base, and the whole thing started to tip. Feeling like the event was happening in slow motion, the entire group watched Jesus topple forward, the cross crash, and the corpse smash into pieces all over the sanctuary floor. 

A little history: for years, our sanctuary's old processional cross was a source of some embarrassment. The brass was chipped and bent, and it honestly looked like
it had been run over by a truck. That poor cross was so ill-aged (or used, or both) that my husband began asking other local congregations for their processional crosses for funerals and other special services. Finally, a generous gift made possible a beautiful processional crucifix, constructed of solid wood and an exquisite hand-carved corpse from Oberammergau, Germany. This was the cross that cracked.

Such moments are horrific and embarrassing. In this case, once the pieces were reassembled, the cross looked like it could be salvaged. The father of the bride is an amazing model-maker, and he offered to put the pieces back together. A local pastor who does woodworking can redo the finish. My husband talked to the mom of the little girl (who was hysterical) and made sure she wasn't hurt (just scared). And I, once I got over the shock and practical concerns, couldn't help but think how funny the whole situation was. Don't get me wrong; I never want fine craftsmanship that's been done to the glory of God and that serves to remind Christians in the pews of Christ's atoning sacrifice to be broken. But aren't we all like little toddlers, tired and worn out and heedless, careening into sacred symbols and wreaking destruction? The real scars we left on Christ's hands marked Him far worse than the damage left on our processional cross tonight. One was a shame, but the other was unthinkable--God dying for us children. 

Truly, you can't make this stuff up--the careening cross or the for-real Savior. And thank goodness for that.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Update on Baby Isaac

Bethann writes:

Thank you for all your prayers. It was definitely an adventure in Omaha. The Children’s Hospital was amazing and made me very thankful for the health of my children. Everyone was very friendly and professional. 

Isaac’s EEG went well but he didn’t like the tape removal at the end. The technician was very good and is a member of the LCMS - which Adam spoke with her about.  I was very thankful that we had a knowledgeable and caring technician.

I am also thankful that my parents were there because Rachel loved playing with them in Kids Camp.

The specialist appointment was good. She has 30 years’ experience with children. She made sure you had all the information you needed. She was gentle and kind. She said his EEG looked like a normal 6 week old baby's, however she is going to have a partner look over the results too. They always double check.  
She said that since she didn’t see any abnormalities that he probably doesn’t have seizures at this time. She did understand why we were concerned because of the family history. She diagnosed him with startle myoclonus. “Startle is a stereotypical response to a sudden and unexpected stimulus. In most instances, the stimulus is acoustic, but other modalities such as tactile, visual, or vestibular are also effective stimuli. The motor component of startle satisfies the criteria for myoclonus. Exaggerated startle, is a feature of various neurologic and psychiatric conditions.” Which in our terms overactive startler. 
He will grow out of it by 6 months. She also told us numerous times if we had any concerns to call the office.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Prayer for Baby Isaac

Bethann writes:

I have noticed some little things with Isaac. I am not going into detail because I am having a hard enough time writing this as it is. However, my sister, my friend, and my mom noticed some things too.
So at Isaac’s one month appointment I told the doctor my concerns. The doctor listened and decided we should look into to it more. So Isaac is having an EEG to see if he may be having seizures.
There is a family history and the things I have noticed are consistent with seizures.
So please pray that our appointment in Omaha at the Children’s Hospital on Friday May 24th with give us some answers.
We would really appreciate it!